Stephanie Fox

Educator, TGR Madeira

Miss Stephanie has nearly a decade of experience working with preschoolers, and served as a Girl Scout Troop leader for many years before that. She also has twenty-three years of experience as a mom! She feels lucky to have found a profession in which she both can excel and be brought much joy — she enjoys helping children master foundational skills, build meaningful bonds with their peers and teachers, as well as getting to know their unique personalities and encourage their imagination (which includes being a little silly!). Stephanie fell upon TGR while transitioning jobs and fell in love with its inviting atmosphere and child-focused teaching philosophy — now, she couldn’t be more eager to continue her career and bring her passion to the new K+  program! 

Stephanie lives in Anderson with her husband of 26 years, Jim and their dog, Nugget. When she’s not in the classroom, she enjoys baking for friends and coworkers, along with indulging in The Bachelor series with her daughter, Holly.


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