Extended Day Programs
Additional fees apply

Early Bird (7:30-8:30 M-F) is a non-curricular program that allows AM Preschool students to come to school one hour early to get a little extra playtime before school begins! Children can come as needed; days can vary.  You only pay for what you use. Pre-registration is required. The cost for our Early Bird program is $10/day.

Lunch Bunch (11:30-12:00 M-F) can be used to extend a day or to “connect” a morning and afternoon program. The fee for lunch bunch is $5 if your student is extending am or pm preschool. However, there is no fee for “connecting” am and pm preschool with Lunch Bunch. Students should bring a lunch from home with an ice pack.

Stay and Play (3:00-5:00 M-F) is a non-curricular afternoon “drop-in”. You may use this program to extend your child’s preschool class or you may drop in during S&P hours.   “STAY AND PLAY” is a drop-in/as needed program. You can use this every day or once a year, whatever YOU need! 🙂 Pre-registration is required. The fee for our Stay & Play program is $10/hr.


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