The Love Grows Program!

About us:

The Love Grows Program, inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio is a nonprofit organization committed to providing free access to quality preschool education through it's scholarships for children ages 3-5. Students of LGP will attend The Growing Room Preschool in Oakley.

Our Mission:

Growing young minds into future leaders through connection-based education

Our Vision:

Through its scholarships, The Love Grows Program aims to make the Growing Room Preschool model more accessible through a tuition-free school for children ages 3-5. Focusing on children’s academic, social, and emotional needs, The Growing Room and The Love Grows Program, inc. provide a quality ,licensed education, in an inclusive, safe environment. Additionally, a resource pantry and family support services are available for every family we serve. We are committed to fostering a love of learning and a community of support.

To find out more about how to get involved with The Love Grows Program, please visit our website at:



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