Erika Barker

Educator, TGR Oakley #2

Miss Erika is thrilled to begin her first year as a preschool educator for The Growing Room! Having recently moved to Ohio, she is excited to plant her roots and find a company she can grow within. Miss Erika was drawn to TGR for their emphasis on letting kids be kids, and the fluid curriculum which generates curiosity and unlimited creativity in the classroom. Having spent the last 7 years as a preschool teacher, Miss Erika loves hands-on activities with her students, and showing them that learning truly can be a fun thing. 

Miss Erika is originally from Albany, New York and enjoys exploring new areas of the state with her two brothers and mom when visiting home. Before moving, she completed her associates degree in Teaching Education P-12, along with an associates in Human Services.  Miss Erika has spent the last 3 years in Kentucky, graduating from EKU with her B.A in Communication, minor psychology. Miss Erika loves bringing in the resources and knowledge she has gained from all of her travels into the classroom, to immerse her students in the best learning environment they can be in. During her free time, Miss Erika enjoys exploring the beautiful state of Ohio with her chocolate lab and pit bull, along with her boyfriend Logan. She also is an avid runner, and enjoys any activities which require a bit of creativity!


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