Kindness Matters!

Our Golden Rule:


At TGR, we believe that the most important thing we can help instill in a child is the idea that Kindness is a foundation for all motivations.  We carefully encourage and foster our preschoolers natural instincts to show others kindness and respect!  It becomes a part of our daily dialogue about how to treat others and ourselves.  This can be seen through multiple community service projects, our annual Kindness March and daily life! Because… Kindness Matters!

TGR Community Service!

The Kindness March!

In February 2018, The Growing Room Preschool and it’s families took part in a wonderful event in downtown Cincinnati! We met in Fountain Square and marched through the city spreading kindness to everyone we met along the way. It was a beautiful day!!

Cakes for Friends!

In November 2019, Our teachers gathered to bake and decorate cakes to be donated to “Our Daily Bread” downtown. This organization freezes birthday cakes and pulls them out when someone visits their soup kitchen who is having a birthday. We also delivered generous donations from our parent of toiletries, socks, hats and gloves!

COVID food Drive!

In March 2020, Growing Room families donated non-perishable food items for students in need to the closure of schools and limited resources for food. Please visit our Instagram page for photos!:

Flowers for Seniors!

In November 2020 our teachers gathered together to make flower arrangements for area Seniors! Through the generous donations of our TGR families our teachers were able to deliver 200 flower arrangements to brighten the day of area seniors who may be feeling lonely this time of year!

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