Introducing…The Love Grows Project!

Introducing The Love Grows Project!


Our mission in everything we do at The Growing Room has always been to treat EVERYone with kindness and respect. This is more that just a catchphrase for us. We make a conscious effort everyday to live and teach by these words.

The Love Grows Project was founded in 2020 by Missy Griffin, Owner & Director of The Growing Room Preschool. This program aims to build empathic leaders for our community while nurturing their social, emotional, and academic needs as the they grow.

Beginning fall 2021, through our non-profit organization, The Love Grows Project, we will provide the same beautiful Growing Room experience tuition-free to children in Cincinnati who may not have had the opportunity to join us otherwise! Students of The Love Grows Project will attend The Growing Room’s Oakley #1 location at 3096 Madison Road in Oakley, Ohio.

Please visit: to find out how to get involved!

A message from our Founder, Missy Griffin:

Welcome to The Love Grows Project!
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am The Growing Room’s biggest fan! I have seen children walk through our doors with no clue how strong and smart they are and graduate as confident and competent leaders, ready to take on the world! I have seen how TGR students have taken lessons learned at The Growing Room with them in life! I have had MANY families stop in, years after they have graduated to share that TGR is the reason their child is kind, or a leader or successful in school! I am telling you this because it is what drives me every day!

Opening Fall 2021, TGR will be offering students in need a tuition-free preschool through our non-profit organization, “The Love Grows Project”! I have always had the dream of sharing “The Growing Room experience” with children and families who might not have had the opportunity to choose us due to financial restraints. Also, I have dreamt of finding a way to “harness” all of the love and generosity of our Growing Room Families, past and present. There is a special kind of family that attends our school and we couldn’t be more appreciative that THOSE kind of people are our TGR families for life! This project, of a tuition-free preschool, has always been in the back of my mind but seemed so daunting and far away. Well, I’m finally taking the leap of making this dream a reality!

Please join us by getting involved in our mission!
Much Love,

Missy Griffin


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